Pink and Green

I’m not sure why but the fractal-like nature of the picture really screams salvia to me for some reason.

The tropical carnivorous plant, Nepenthes hamata

This is an example of an upper pitcher of a pretty bizarre Nepenthes species, *N. hamata*. The pitcher dimorphism is quite interesting, here are some pics of different traps on the same plant: And an example of a basal inflating traps on the same

A highly intriguing picture that leaves one to wonder

See; before they were eventually trapped, tortured, and imprisoned, the Keebler Elves and Lucky worked quietly in the forest. Kids used to constantly break into their factories and steal goodies. Some of the kids who were caught were captured and put to work. Because

Hoya blossoms

Wow! Where do you live? This is absolutely beautiful. My favorite thing to do with hoya flowers is squeeze them all together into a neat little ball. I don’t really know why.