Can anyone tell me the name of this magnificent tree?

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With the aid of [Tineye](, I found [the source]( This is near Kyoto, Japan, and the fall colors are actually pure photoshop, with shitty HDR blowing the saturation so high that it isn’t clear that the leaves [are actually green because this picture was taken in the summer](

It really looks an awful lot like a very old oak tree. I don’t know much at all about Japanese oak species, but at a very tentative guess I would say maybe [*Quercus aliena*]( The photographer refers to it as a “Monumentum Tree”, but does not explain what that is, and a quick google suggests that he’s the only one to use that phrase.

If anyone wants to try their hand at IDing it, [here’s the highest resolution I could find](, in more or less original color (still shitty HDR, though). The leaves in the foreground look more or less lanceolate, and there isn’t enough detail to say much about the leaf margin, but it doesn’t look lobate to me.

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