Not the greatest picture but these are the only plants in a ~900 mile radius. These are a few of the botanical heros that will supply the South Pole winterovers with fresh food for the 9 months of winter.

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Yes, I have more pictures and could go take more if there is something you’d particularly like to see, it’ll take a while to upload though. The internet isn’t the greatest here.

We have 12 racks like the one in the picture, double stacked. There is also two deeper troughs for things like tomatos and cucumbers. Right now with have cucumbers, tomatoes, one sunflower, bell peppers, lots of lettuce, mint, basil, baby cantaloupe plants, one pumpkin plant, bok choy, mizuna, and swiss chard. And one strawberry plant that isn’t very happy.

We are going to be doing a large harvest tomorrow for our midwinter dinner!

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